Small Bathroom Remodel: DIY or Hire a Pro?

December 18, 2019

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If you’re like many homeowners, you might try to tackle home improvement projects on your own, including bathroom remodels and updates. Online videos and the ability to rent power tools from home improvement stores enables more and more homeowners to manage needed improvements around the home, but should you manage every project yourself? This is a vital question, especially when it comes to small bathroom remodel DIY projects versus hiring a professional.

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Hidden Challenges With Small Bathroom Remodels

One reason a homeowner might assume a small bathroom remodels is a DIY job is that smaller bathrooms mean less tiling work and potentially fewer overall changes to the layout of the bathroom. While the small space might make it seem as if you can manage a bathroom remodel on your own, you might note some hidden challenges when tackling a bathroom renovation no matter its size:

  • Rotted subflooring often comes apart when you remove bathroom floor tiles, necessitating the installation of new subflooring. This job is often difficult and needs to be completed according to local building codes or you might face fines from your city or county inspection office!
  • Bathroom walls require waterproof or water-resistant paint and other such coatings. The wrong paint can increase the risk of water damage to walls as well as resultant mold growth.
  • Homeowners often fail to realize the difference between wall and floor tiles for a bathroom space! Floor tiles are often heavier than wall tiles and include a design that adds traction, for less risk of slipping on the floor. Using wall tiles on the floor can be hazardous while floor tiles might pull away from walls due to their heavier weight.
  • Installing caulk below and between bathroom floor tiles requires skill and precision, to ensure tiles adhere properly and a bathroom floor is protected from moisture and water damage.
  • Measuring for a new sink might be more complicated than a homeowner realizes! Improper measurements allow a sink to fall through a vanity cutout or might require added, unsightly caulking so that the basin stays in place.
  • Improper or poor-quality plumbing installations might result in water damage and mold growth, and might not pass inspection! Your homeowner’s insurance might also refuse to pay a future claim for water damage in the home if it’s discovered that you handled certain renovations and upgrades yourself versus hiring a licensed bathroom renovation contractor.
  • A homeowner might not realize all the details necessary for a bathroom renovation to pass local inspections, such as using ground fault circuits in the bath or adding a moisture barrier around the shower. These requirements often vary from location to location, which is why it’s good to rely on the expertise of a local bathroom remodeling contractor to get the job done properly!
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Added Benefits of Hiring a Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

Along with the assurance that your bathroom renovation will pass inspection and be safe for you and your family, you might note some added benefits of hiring a bathroom remodeling contractor for a small bathroom model, versus trying to DIY:

  • A bathroom remodeling contractor might know of choices for countertops, flooring, and other materials that better suit your tastes and your budget! For example, laminate flooring and concrete countertops offer stunning finishes for a fraction of the cost of ceramic tile and granite.
  • Experienced bathroom renovation contractors near you can often find ways to add accessible storage, something many homeowners need in their small bathroom remodel! He or she might suggest oversized cabinetry, custom cabinets, cubbyholes built into the walls, and other ideas a homeowner might not consider themselves.
  • Bathroom remodeling companies may know of unexpected problems that might arise during a small bathroom remodel, such as outdated and leaking plumbing that needs replacing, the need for stronger ventilation, or old wiring that won’t support the electrical demands of updated bathroom fixtures and features. A bathroom renovation contractor can help you budget for these unexpected problems accordingly, ensuring your renovation is as stress-free as possible.

It’s also vital to remember that many bathroom remodeling companies are able to acquire factory-direct, manufacturer’s certified materials for a renovation project. Factory-direct are typically designed and manufactured for quality and durability, so you’ll face fewer repair and replacement costs down the road. A bathroom remodel contractor might also note the best way to clean and maintain your new flooring, countertops, and other such materials, so that these stay in good condition over the years and always look their best!

Keep these points in mind when you’re facing a renovation project in your home. Trying to manage such projects on your own might seem like a good idea, but even a small bathroom remodel DIY can mean bigger headaches and expenses than if you hired a reputable bathroom renovation company near you!

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