Recycled Glass, Concrete, & Other Countertops in Boise

About Glass and Concrete Countertops in Boise Homes

Glass and concrete countertops in Boise homes are excellent choices for the eco-friendly homeowner, as these surfaces are constructed from raw materials found in abundance and which are harvested easily. Glass, concrete, and other such materials are also recyclable, so old countertop materials stay out of landfills and reduce the need for harvesting new, raw materials! While you might not consider glass and concrete countertops in Boise as your first option, note that these materials can be stained or painted and buffed to a high gloss, offering an elegant and upscale look for a fraction of the cost of solid stone!
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Why Choose Concrete Countertops in Boise

Concrete countertops in a Boise might sound a bit industrial and unattractive, but concrete is painted or stained easily and can also be buffed to a glossy finish, offering a wide range of finished styles that rival any other countertop material in appearance! Concrete is also made from readily abundant and easily harvested materials, with little impact on the environment. The material is also easy to recycle, so it’s easy to keep it out of landfills and substitute reclaimed concrete for other raw countertops materials. Concrete also resists germs and bacteria and is fire-resistant, making it an excellent choice for kitchen countertop materials.
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Why Opt for Recycled Glass and Other Materials

As with concrete countertops in a Boise home, glass is made from abundant materials typically found locally, reducing the need for extensive trucking and transportation and reducing the fumes and emissions needed to create this material. Glass is also easy to paint and buff to a high shine, a perfect choice for small and dark kitchens that need added reflective surfaces. The density of glass also repels germs and bacteria, creating a hygienic surface for food prep and cooking. Like concrete countertops in Boise, glass is also very fire resistant, so a kitchen fire is less likely to spread and cause extensive damage when you choose glass countertops.
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Why Choose North Star Kitchen and Bath Remodels

Installing recycled glass and concrete countertops in Boise is unlike any other kitchen renovation project! Glass is heavy and cumbersome and needs proper handling during the installation process and concrete needs to be poured and then painted, stained, buffed, or otherwise treated to achieve its desired finish. Never rely on any other remodeling contractors in Boise for your new glass or concrete countertops in Boise but call the pros at North Star Kitchen and Bath Remodels for all the kitchen renovation work you need to have done. With over a decade of experience in glass and concrete countertop Boise installation, our team ensures a job well done and that you’ll be happy with your counters for as long as you own your home!
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You and your family deserve kitchen and bathroom spaces that are as stylish as they are functional. For a full-scale kitchen and bath remodel or just a few finishing touches, call on the pros at North Star Kitchen and Bath Remodels for all the remodeling work you need to have done. Even if you live nearby in Boise, our service areas have you covered!

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A full bath remodel in Boise adds style to your home’s bathroom spaces as well as all the storage you and your family need every day.
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North Star Kitchen and Bath Remodels offers over a decade of experience in kitchen and bath remodeling in Boise.
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North Star Kitchen and Bath Remodels offers a personalized process that ensures your dream of a new kitchen or bath becomes a reality.
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