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Cosentino Kitchen & Bath Countertops

Every kitchen surface in your home should offer both beauty and durability, never sacrificing style for function, which is why every homeowner should invest in stunning Cosentino countertops! Cosentino countertops offer durable, easy-to-clean surfaces and a beautiful backdrop for every kitchen space.

Whether your kitchen is a centerpiece for large family gatherings and elegant holiday dinners, or just a spot for casual weekly meals, a new countertop installation for a Boise home helps create a space you’ll love to use every day. Updated, modern porcelain, quartz, and granite countertops in Boise are as beautiful as they are durable, and are available in a wide range of styles and color tones.

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cosentino kitchen countertops
silestone quartz countertops

Silestone Quartz Countertops

Composed of some 90% natural quartz and available in more than 80 colors and styles, Silestone quartz countertops in Boise offer a beautiful, affordable appearance you’re sure to love. Quartz is naturally nonporous so that it resists staining, while its manufacturing process ensures a uniform look that fits any décor.

Unlike laminate and other low-end countertop materials, quartz countertops for Boise homes provide a rich luster and shine, reflecting light and providing a bright appearance in even the smallest of kitchen spaces. The density of quartz also ensures a durability you won’t find with other materials, ensuring your new countertops last for years if not decades before they need repair or replacing!

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Dekton Kitchen Countertops

For rich luxury and durability in your home, choose Dekton porcelain by Cosentino countertops. Porcelain offers a natural luster and watertight durability, making Dekton porcelain an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor spaces! There’s no need to sacrifice style for function when you choose elegant, natural porcelain countertops for a Boise home.

Dekton porcelain countertops for Boise homes also provide a wide range of color tone options as well as varying finishes, including matte, texture, and high gloss. Whether you prefer maximum shine from your home’s countertops or love the look and feel of a soft matte surface, Dekton porcelain by Cosentino countertops is the best choice for your home!

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dekton cosentino kitchen countertops

Sensa Collection - Natural Granite

Natural granite countertops in Boise remain a popular choice for homeowners, as granite offers a rich, unique look that’s difficult to replicate! Granite is also dense and durable, making it resistant to germs and bacteria and easy to clean. With proper sealing and care, granite countertops in Boise can last some 15 year or even longer before they need repair or replacing.

Homeowners can choose between a full 7 shades of Cosentino granite countertops for their Boise home, in beautiful suede, polished, or caresse finishes. Whether you prefer a deep, elegant tone or a lighter, airy shade and lustrous shine in your kitchen, you’re sure to find beautiful granite countertops for a Boise home when you call North Star Kitchen and Bath Remodels for Cosentino granite.

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Cosentino Bathroom Countertops

Every Boise resident deserves an elegant, spa-like retreat in their home, which you can create when you shop Cosentino countertops for your bathroom space! Bathroom counters from Cosentino are durable, chic, and easy to clean, and offer outstanding style and beauty at a price you can afford.

To create a warm, welcoming space in your bathroom, call North Star Kitchen and Bath Remodels for stunning granite, porcelain, or quartz countertops for a Boise home. North Star Kitchen and Bath Remodels offers over 20 years of expert countertop installation in Boise, and ensures no detail is overlooked when it comes to creating the luxurious retreat you’re sure to love in your home’s bath!

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