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New Kitchen Countertop Installation for Stunning Surfaces in Your Home

New kitchen countertops for Boise Idaho area homes offers instant style as well as a clean and hygienic surface for food prep in the kitchen. Matching countertops in the kitchen and bath also give your entire home a coordinated, upscale look you’re sure to love. Quartz, marble, and beautiful granite countertops for a Treasure Valley area home are often more affordable than many homeowners realize, so you can have beautiful solid stone surfaces in your home no matter your budget! 

Let the renovation experts and countertop installation pros at North Star Kitchen and Bath Remodels show you how easy and affordable it is to have stunning surfaces for your home.
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Granite Kitchen Countertops in Boise for Beauty and Durability

Granite countertops in a Treasure Valley area home are durable and meant to last. With proper sealing throughout the years, granite countertops in a Boise area home can even outlast the house itself! When you choose solid stone countertops, you rarely need to worry about the surface peeling, chipping, or suffering nicks and scratches as you do with many low-end materials. 

Every slab of granite is also unique, offering a personal look and style you’ll love. With so many extensive options at North Star Kitchen and Bath, we recommend giving us a call to set up an appointment. We can suggest granite countertops in Boise based on your budget and style preferences!
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Quartz Kitchen Countertops in Boise, a Trend That’s Here to Stay

Quartz countertops are a trend that’s here to stay! Quartz offers a solid, smooth surface that is resistant to germs and bacteria, a vital consideration for kitchen and baths. Quartz is also manufactured using crushed bits of reclaimed stone that would otherwise be considered waste, making it an excellent option for the eco-conscious. Because it’s a manufactured stone, quartz countertops are also available in a wide range of color tones and shades so you’re sure to find an option that fits your home and your style perfectly. Not sure whether to choose quartz or granite, we can help! 

Call our expert kitchen designers, and we'll assist you with your kitchen countertops in Boise Idaho.
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Other Kitchen Countertops in Boise Include Glass & Concrete

Are granite and quartz countertops out of your budget, or can't find the right color or style to meet your needs? We offer several other options for bath and kitchen countertops in Boise Idaho. Our recycled glass countertops are really beautiful and budget friendly, and concrete countertops are extremely durable. Since North Star specializes in bath and kitchen remodeling in Boise Idaho, our countertop selection is huge! 

The best way to see it all is to book an appointment with our bath and kitchen design specialists. We're passionate about this industry, and will patiently answer any of your questions or concerns. We're probably ore excited to get started than you are!
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kitchen remodeling countertops in Boise Id
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Kitchen Countertops in Boise -- Installation by the Pros

Never trust a general contractor for countertop installation in a Treasure Valley area home! Precise measurements, cutting, trimming, buffing, sealing, and all other details of installing countertops should be left to the pros, to ensure your new surfaces are a perfect fit for your home. Low-quality installation can also lead to leaks, cracks, and damage to your beautiful new cabinets and the counters themselves. 

To ensure your complete satisfaction, trust the expert countertop installation pros at North Star Kitchen and Bath Remodels for all your kitchen remodeling needs, including kitchen countertops in Boise Idaho.
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"Scott and his crew remodeled our kitchen. We had showed him a picture of what we had wanted and he matched it perfect . We now have our dream kitchen and couldn’t be happier."


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Amazing Countertops in Boise Idaho is Just the Start!

Why put gorgeous new countertops over old and outdated cabinets or in a bath that doesn’t offer the storage and style you need, especially when the home renovation experts at North Star Kitchen and Bath Remodels can create interior spaces you’re sure to love? Call today for a FREE estimate on a new kitchen design for your Treasure Valley home, or a bath remodel that offers the spa-like retreat you deserve.

Bath Remodeling

A complete bathroom remodel in a Treasure Valley home can expand the space, creating room for storage, safety features, or a complete home spa!
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Kitchen Remodeling

If your home’s kitchen is cramped and crowded or has an awkward, outdated layout, call us for a full-scale kitchen remodel in your Treasure Valley area home.
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Cabinet Styles

A stunning kitchen design for a Boise area home starts with durable yet stylish cabinets, with customized storage that works for you and your family.
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Flooring Options

Our selection of vinyl, laminate, ceramic, and solid stone floors are durable, easy to clean, and meant to last in your newly remodeling kitchen or bath for years.
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Your Home Deserves   Durable and Beautiful  Countertops!

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