How Much Does the Average Bathroom Remodel Cost in Boise?

December 15, 2019

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No matter how long it’s been since you’ve worried about it, you’re probably concerned about the average bathroom remodel cost in Boise or wherever you live. If there is a needed renovation, and especially if you’re considering reworking the entire bathroom space, the price is going to be important. Obviously, every renovation is different, and pricing for each remodel will vary as well, but knowing the average bathroom remodel cost in Boise can help homeowners budget for a needed bath remodel and know what to expect by way of expenses.

The average bathroom remodel cost is about $2850. Materials for a bath remodel might range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to well over $25,000, while average labor costs hover in the $5000 range.

Whatever the average bathroom remodel cost is in Boise, it’s vital that homeowners budget for this cost as needed since a home’s bathroom surfaces should be clean and hygienic, and in good condition to help protect against water damage and resultant mold growth. A bathroom should also look attractive and welcoming and create the spa-like atmosphere you want in your home!

A homeowner might also budget for a bath remodel in Boise so as to safely age in their home, with safety features and a bath layout that allows for easier bathing even as they get older. Whatever your needs for a new bath design in Boise, consider some vital information about the average bathroom remodel cost, how to contain those costs, and how to have the bath of your dreams, no matter your budget!

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When It’s Time to Pay the Average Bathroom Remodel Cost for a Bathroom Remodel in Boise Idaho

A homeowner might schedule a bathroom to remodel in Boise, Idaho, simply because they’re tired of the current look of the space. New granite bathroom countertops for a Boise bathroom add instant glamour and elegance, while custom cabinetry also provides added richness and storage. However, you might also note when it’s time to consider the average bathroom remodel cost for a Boise home, so you know when to start planning and budgeting for this work:

  • As your family grows, your need for storage in the bathroom also grows! A bath remodel in Boise might add a walk-in linen closet or personalized storage compartments for everyone who uses the bath.
  • Once the kids are grown and out of the house, you might consider a bath remodel in Boise to remove the tub you needed for bathing the children and add room for a luxurious walk-in shower or a soaking tub for the grownups.
  • If you’re getting to be a particular age, a walk-in shower is an excellent choice for your home! Taking out the bathtub means not having to step over the tub wall, and a walk-in shower provides added wall space for a shower seat and safety grab bars.
  • If you’re suddenly more physically active and have taken up a particular sport, or are noticing more aches and pains as you age, an oversized soaking tub or a walk-in tub with whirlpool jets can mean instant relief for sore muscles and your aching back!
  • New homebuyers might purchase a home with an undersized or outdated bath simply because the house was affordable or had other features that appealed to them. In those cases, a bath remodel of a Boise home ensures that every space of your new house works for you in particular!
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How to Save on a Bathroom Remodel Cost in Boise

Your bathroom renovation contractor in Boise might have suggestions for cost-saving measures for your bath renovation, but one option is to consider glass, concrete, or quartz countertops. While granite bathroom countertops in Boise are a timeless classic, other materials are often more budget-friendly while still offering lots of style and elegance.

You might also choose laminate bathroom flooring for a Boise home versus tile. Laminate is durable and easy to clean but often far less costly than stone, ceramic, porcelain, and other bathroom flooring options. It also lasts for years, if not decades, before it needs repair or replacement, making it an excellent long-term investment.

It’s also good to talk to your bathroom renovation contractor in Boise about the important changes you want to make in the space, and then he or she might have suggestions for how to contain costs without sacrificing style or function. Swapping out some surface materials and updating the fixtures can often produce the bathroom you’ve always wanted without going over the average bathroom remodel cost in Boise! A shower remodel is also typically more affordable than a full renovation, or you might choose prefabricated cabinetry rather than custom cabinets to help contain your bath remodel costs.

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