How Much Does It Cost to Replace Kitchen Cabinets?

February 28, 2020

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New bathroom and kitchen cabinets are an excellent way to add value to your home while also creating convenient, accessible storage right where you need it! New bath or kitchen cabinets also enhance the look of a space in an instant, providing warmth and elegance or a brighter, lighter appearance.

An average homeowner might spend about $3000 to $8000 for new kitchen cabinet costs, depending on the size of the kitchen, the wood variety chosen, and if you prefer, added details such as upgraded hardware, specialty trim, glass fronts, and the like.

Whatever your new bathroom and kitchen cabinet costs, this expense is often well worth the price in terms of added convenience and style. If you’re planning a kitchen remodel for your home, note some additional information about the cost to replace kitchen cabinets, as well as a kitchen and bath, remodel overall. You might also note some tips for cost savings when it comes to a new kitchen design or bathroom remodel for your home!

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How Much Does It Cost to Replace Kitchen Cabinets?

Before you decide on new kitchen cabinets for your home or consider a full-scale bathroom remodel or other renovation, note some added information about the cost of kitchen cabinet replacement. Be sure to discuss this information in detail with a kitchen renovation contractor near you, so you make a fully informed decision about new cabinets, a new kitchen design, and all those other vital details that go into a successful kitchen or bathroom renovation! On average, the cost of new kitchen cabinets ranges from $4,000 to $13,000, with an average price of $11,100 for cabinets. However, there are ways you can also save money when redoing and installing kitchen cabinets.

  • Stock cabinets are premade in a factory to standard sizes. These are typically the cheapest of all your new kitchen and bathroom cabinetry choices.
  • Semi-custom cabinets start with stock cabinetry and then include added details, such as fancy trim or glass inserts.
  • Custom cabinets are made from scratch and might also include personalized details such as specialty shelving sizes, a custom paint color, slide-out shelves, and the like.
  • While stock cabinets are typically the least expensive choice for kitchens and bathrooms, they might also seem a bit bland and dull. Stock cabinets might also stand out against or clash with detailed crown molding and other specialty features in a room.
  • Custom cabinets are typically the highest cost for new kitchen cabinets but provide the appearance you want as well as convenient storage that works for you and your family personally! The cost of new bathroom cabinets or custom kitchen cabinets is then well worth that investment.
  • Some wood species or varieties are more durable than others, making them more expensive but a better long-term value. Walnut and cherry, for example, are very durable materials that resist scratching and warping. These materials might cost more for installation but might also last far longer before they need repair or replacing.
  • One way to save money on kitchen cabinet costs is to purchase cheaper oak or pine and paint or stain them a dark, rich color. However, you might need to repaint or apply fresh stain over the years, adding to your cost and hassle! Investing in walnut, cherry, or another quality material often means higher kitchen cabinet installation costs but lower long-term maintenance costs.
  • Kitchen cabinet installation costs add to your overall purchase price, but installing cabinets is not necessarily a DIY job. Homeowners often drill too many holes in cabinets, trying to line them up to studs, and these holes might absorb moisture over the years, resulting in warped or otherwise damaged wood.
  • Improper installation might also mean uneven cabinets with unsightly gaps between them! Poor quality installation can also result in cabinets outright pulling away from the walls. Items stored inside then fall right out of the doors, resulting in costly damage and creating hazardous conditions for anyone standing near those cabinets.

How Much Do Custom Cabinets Cost?

Based on an estimate from HomeAdvisor, custom cabinets range from $2,405-$9,524, with an average cost of $5,849. Factors that affect the price include the quality of materials, the size and shape of the cabinets, and whether or not installation is included. For a more accurate estimate, it's best to consult with a local cabinetmaker.

Custom cabinets are a great way to get exactly what you want in terms of style and function. However, they can be more expensive than stock or semi-custom cabinets. For example, if you desire solid wood doors and drawer fronts, or custom colors or finishes, you will likely pay more for these features. The cost also goes up if you need a larger size or want special features like glass doors or pull-out shelves. Installation can also add to the cost.

If you're considering custom cabinets, be sure to get several estimates and compare the price, features, and quality before making your final decision.

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Mistakes to Avoid When You Replace Kitchen Cabinets

To ensure you’re happy with your new bathroom or kitchen cabinets for years to come, note some mistakes to avoid when you want to replace cabinetry in your home.

  • Use caution when choosing overly detailed cabinetry, especially for smaller kitchens. Those details might look nice in a showroom or catalog but too many features soon look cluttered and messy especially in small spaces.
  • Ensure you know how to clean your new cabinets and that you don’t choose details that trap dirt and grease, especially if you tend to cook with lots of oil. Airborne grease settles onto kitchen cabinets and brings dirt and food debris with it, creating an unsightly and unhygienic mess. In some cases, it might be good to choose simple cabinets without much design so you can keep them cleaner and easier.
  • Choose a cabinet material and color that complements your home’s kitchen colors but ensure you don’t opt for the same color repeatedly! Too many dark tones, for example, can create a muddy look, while too much white or beige can seem bland and dull.
  • While high-quality cabinetry lasts for many years, never assume that a higher-priced brand is a better choice. For example, some wood varieties are more expensive because they’re not native to your area and need to be trucked or flown in. Those transportation costs then add to their purchase price, whether or not they’re more durable overall. Think about this when you contemplate when replacing your old cabinets.
  • A homeowner might want new kitchen or bathroom cabinets with some style and personality, but don’t choose items so unusual that you soon grow tired of them! Wall cabinets should last a good decade if not longer, so choose a color and neutral style that you can live with for years.
  • Think carefully about your own needs for storage before choosing new kitchen cabinets and especially before settling on stock cabinetry. Lack of adequate storage or awkward storage that results in foodstuffs and kitchenware becoming a jumbled mess creates lots of stress for everyone, every single day! A few more dollars invested in semi-custom or custom kitchen cabinetry ensures added convenience for your family.

How to Save on New Kitchen Cabinet Costs

While it’s good to invest in a quality kitchen or bathroom cabinets and choose a wood style and tone you’ll love for years, you might also consider a few tips on how to save on the cost of replacing kitchen cabinets. One tip is to choose stock or semi-custom cabinetry and then dress up those pieces with oversized hardware, glass door fronts, or two-tone coloring, with upper cabinets a shade or two darker than lower cabinets.

Note if your contractor might offer a price break during certain times of the year. For example, the new year might be a slow time for his or her business as homeowners are then facing credit card bills from the holidays and aren’t planning any home improvement projects! In turn, you might be offered a price break on installation costs during January or February.

Cabinet manufacturers might also be eager to sell out their inventory during certain times of the year. They also might offer discounts right after the holidays when sales tend to lag. On the other hand, new kitchen cabinet costs might go up in springtime, when homeowners feel like making a change to usher in springtime! Ask your contractor about cost variations throughout the year and plan your renovation project accordingly.

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When It’s Time for a Kitchen Renovation

Many homeowners put off new kitchen cabinet installation and a full-scale kitchen or bathroom remodel as long as possible, to avoid the cost and hassle of being without these rooms for a few weeks. However, that cost and inconvenience are well worth it when you finally have that new kitchen or bathroom of your dreams!

It’s also vital to remember that old and worn surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms create unhygienic surfaces for bathing, cooking, food prep, and the like. Scratches hold dirt and germs difficult to clean or wash away, and also encourage mildew and mold growth. Once your home’s countertops show scratches, scuffs, chips, and other such permanent damage, it’s time for a full kitchen remodel!

Note, too, that worn and damaged surfaces and materials are sometimes outright dangerous! Chipped floor tiles create a tripping hazard while warped drawer fronts might come off in your hand, allowing stored items to spill everywhere.

It’s also good to consider if you’re planning on staying in your home as you reach retirement age and beyond. If so, it might be good to invest now in easy-to-manage slide-out shelves, customized storage solutions that mean less stooping, bending, and having to move around heavy food items, and other such features. Added storage next to appliances also means less need to carry heavy foodstuffs, dishes, and cookware around the kitchen, something you’re sure to appreciate during your retirement years.

Related Questions

Is it cheaper to paint or replace kitchen cabinets?

It’s often cheaper to paint rather than replace kitchen cabinets but note that cracked, chipped, warped, or rotted wood only gets worse over time and paint does not stop this damage from spreading. Once kitchen cabinets are beyond repair, it’s time for replacements.

Why are kitchen renovation costs always listed as 10x10?

When you shop for costs to replace kitchen cabinets or renovate your space, you might note prices consistently quoted for 10x10 kitchens. This measurement is simply used as a guide to give homeowners a rough estimate of their cost, based on the size of their kitchen, type and size of cabinetry chosen, and other such details.

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