Do Bath Design Services and Renovation Increase Your Home’s Value?

August 16, 2020

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Before a homeowner invests in a bathroom renovation or new bath design services, they might wonder if such a change actually adds value to the home. Only a real estate agent or property appraiser can note if any such work might increase your property values, and by how much, but it’s vital to note how and why such work is beneficial for any homeowner no matter that increase in home value!

New bath design services can mean better protection against water damage and resultant mold growth, as well as safer surfaces and bathing areas in your home’s bathroom. Energy-efficient fixtures and features can also mean lower utility costs that make your home more desirable to potential buyers, thereby increasing its value.

Since bath design services are often a costly investment for most homeowners, it’s vital to consider their benefits as well as how to save on the cost of bathroom renovation contractors. A homeowner might also consider some mistakes to avoid during a bathroom remodel project, to ensure they protect their home’s value and are happy with their new space for years to come!

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As a homeowner, you might also make a note of questions to discuss with a bathroom renovation contractor, including cost saving options and the best way to add value to your home. It’s also vital to note why some bath renovation tasks are best left to the pros rather than trying to DIY this work. This will also ensure you end up with the new bathroom of your dreams and that is as stunning as it is functional!

The Many Advantages of New Bath Design Services and Renovation

While potential added value is an excellent reason to investigate a new bath design or renovation project, you might note some other advantages of a bathroom remodel in your home. Discuss these with a renovation contractor near you or even a real estate agent as needed, so you make the best decision when it comes to your home improvement budget and plans.

  • A new bath design means more than just added storage; it can also provide accessible, organized storage! New shelves around the tub and sink provide room for linens and personal care items where they’re used most. Cubbyholes and divided linen closets also keep all those small bath items organized.
  • Your new bath design might provide added electrical outlets, to ensure you can easily use all your personal care appliances as needed. Those added outlets might allow you to plug in your electric toothbrush while using a hairdryer, for example, without tripping a circuit or relying on unsightly, cumbersome power strips.
  • Updated surfaces in a bathroom, including floor and shower tiles, provide increased protection against water damage and resultant mold growth.
  • Old, worn tile often holds layers of built-up dirt, mold, germs, and bacteria too embedded into tile pits and pores for everyday cleaning. Replacing those tiles ensures cleaner, more hygienic surfaces in the bathroom.
  • Note, too, that today’s porcelain, ceramic, and stone tiles offer solid surfaces less likely to hold dirt and germs. Not only will those new surfaces be cleaner than your current tiles but they’ll also stay cleaner over the years!
  • New ventilation systems added to your bath design services and renovation plans also offer more protection against water damage and mold, and can make for a more comfortable space, removing steam and humidity faster after a bath or shower.
  • Your bath design services and plans can also create a footprint that’s more workable for you and your family. For instance, dual sinks make it easier for two people to share a bathroom, and creating a walk-in shower can mean a bench seat for more comfort.
  • A new bathroom renovation can also keep the space safer for you as you age! If you’re approaching or have reached retirement age, or already suffer with health concerns, you might consider an open, walk-in shower rather than a tub, stylish yet functional grab bars, an elevated toilet, and other such safety features.
  • New lighting adds to a bathroom’s appearance while also offering added safety! Trying to shave, wax, or pluck hairs, or handle other such personal care routines in poor lighting can mean cuts and similar injuries. You’ll also be able to see yourself more easily when in the shower or standing in front of the mirror when you update your bathroom lighting, so you can manage those tasks more efficiently as well!
  • Relocating the bathroom door can mean added privacy or convenience. For example, you might place the door along a bedroom wall rather than the hallway so you can access the bathroom right from the bedroom, or move that door from the bedroom to a hall. Whichever is best for your family, a bathroom renovation contractor can typically work it into your new design scheme.

It’s also vital to note how a bathroom renovation project can improve a home’s overall style. Outdated, drab fixtures and cabinets detract from a bathroom space even if they’re still functional, and create a very unwelcoming, uninviting look. Updated flooring, cabinetry, and other details offer a fresh look and style you’re sure to love, which is reason enough to consider bath design services for your home!

Mistakes to Avoid in Your New Bath Design

While a new bathroom renovation can add both style and value to your home, certain mistakes made by many homeowners can actually detract from that style and decrease any potential added value! For example, overly bright or unconventional colors and materials can put off many homebuyers, which then decreases your home’s values. Neutral, bright colors in a bathroom are typically preferred by more potential buyers, so these add value to your home.

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Homeowners also tend to assume that the most expensive materials will offer the most increased value for their property, but this isn’t always the case. Potential buyers might not be willing to pay extra for stone flooring, an oversized Jacuzzi tub, new skylights, and the like. If you prefer these materials for your own enjoyment then certainly you should indulge, but don’t assume that investing the most money in a new bath design and renovation will automatically mean seeing a higher return on your investment.

Some homeowners also overlook practical, “boring” features in a new bath design, only concentrating on the enjoyable aspects of designing a new bath such as picking new paint colors and floor tiles. However, bathrooms need to be as functional and safe as they are inviting and relaxing. Never overlook the need for added outlets and improved lighting, easy-to-clean surfaces, and upgraded ventilation when planning your new bath design.

Quick Tips for Saving on a Bathroom Renovation Cost

If you’re looking to add value to your home with a new bath design, you don’t want to skimp on materials and needed changes. While potential buyers won’t necessarily pay extra for high-end materials and finishes, they also won’t appreciate overly cheap and low-quality cabinetry, flooring, and other such details. However, there are ways to save on your expected bathroom renovation costs without sacrificing quality and workmanship.

One way to save on your expected bathroom renovation costs is to keep its footprint if possible. If you must have a separate tub and shower then of course you should invest in separating these features and creating space for your new fixture; however, changing any footprint means added work and cost. Consider installing a garden tub, as an example, for more space in the bathtub area versus separating the tub and shower.

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Also, note that custom cabinetry also adds lots of expense to your renovation. While these are an excellent option for awkward spaces or overly small bathrooms, you might otherwise consider added organizational features inside prefabricated cabinets to save money. Slide-out shelves, added cubbyholes, and items like baskets can mean organized storage for far less cost than custom cabinets and shelves.

Bathroom Renovation to Leave to the Pros

One way that homeowners attempt to save on their expected bathroom renovation costs is by handling certain tasks themselves. Doing some work on your own can reduce labor costs, but a homeowner also doesn’t want to attempt anything outside their area of expertise or do anything that might cost them money in the long run!

What is meant by this? As an example, trying to install new plumbing pipes without the skills and expertise needed to manage residential plumbing can mean future water leaks and even burst pipes. Repairs for that damage can be far costlier than paying your bathroom renovation contractor to manage that work themselves.

A homeowner with little experience and expertise in other areas might also perform such poor quality work that it detracts from their new bathroom renovation. For instance, using too much grout under tiles can make them look and feel uneven, and allow them to separate from the base under them. Improper tile installation can also result in uneven rows!

If you’re a homeowner trying to save money on your bath design services and renovation costs, don’t make the mistake of taking on too much work yourself. You might wind up with an unsightly remodeling project and expensive repairs that far outweigh the costs of a contractor!

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