Boise Castle For Sale: Learn All About What's Inside

June 24, 2019

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Is the dreamy Boise Castle for Sale? If you’ve ever driven past the unique, castle-like house on Warm Springs Avenue in Boise and found yourself wondering who lives inside, you now have a chance to take a peek around the home. For a cool $7.75 million, you also have the chance to own it yourself! The home’s current owner, Greg Satz, had the home built for his family in the 1990s but is now ready to move on and has put the unusual structure up for sale.

Boise castle for sale
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Satz chose the land around the Boise castle for sale while driving through the area, thinking that the spot on top of a hill overlooking the nearby city was “a little piece of heaven.” After Satz and his wife purchased the land, they hired architect Trey Hoff to design a home meant to offer the best views of nearby Boise and the surrounding Foothills. The Satz family wanted their home to be part of the environment rather than, as Satz said, “an ostentatious monster conquering it.”

The result was a 7,000 to 8,000-square-foot, five-bedroom home with a monolithic tower in the center. Two wings just out from the home’s core and almost every room allow access to a surrounding landscaped patio. The home is also built with large windows that are meant to bring the outside indoors and provide the most unobstructed views of nearby Boise and the Foothills.

Despite feeling that it’s time to move on, Satz still appreciates the Boise castle for sale and its natural setting. He has said that he loves watching deer right outside the house and seeing a hawk fly by, interrupting his thoughts. He has compared the home to a meditation retreat, although it also boasts many modern features inside, including a central wood staircase, a plumbed center island in the kitchen, and upgraded ventilation systems.

The $7.75 million price tag on the Boise castle for sale includes the home and its surrounding 60 acres of natural terrain. Despite the size of the lot, the home’s listing agent has noted that it’s quite a rich price point for Boise area homes, as not many area properties are listed for even over $2 million.

Despite its high price on the Boise castle for sale, however, both the agent and Satz are somewhat confident that the home will sell, as some residents have assumed it’s been owned by actors Bruce Willis or Val Kilmer, both of whom have been spotted around the Boise area in past years. Satz is also confident that the home’s unique charm and appearance will appeal to potential buyers and wants the next owner to appreciate it as much as he has over the years. “You want to know that someone is enjoying it,” he says about the home’s sale and future occupants.

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