FACT or FICTION: A Bathroom Remodel Increases Home Value

October 14, 2020

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Before scheduling a renovation project, you might be wondering, how much does a bathroom remodel increase home value? While a bathroom upgrade can mean a more functional space for you and your family no matter its cost or increased property values, knowing how much a bathroom remodel increases a home’s value can help you decide on your budget.

On average, a bathroom remodel might increase home values by some 66% of what’s spent on the renovation. Upscale remodels might recoup some 57% of your costs in terms of increased home values.

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In simpler terms, a bathroom renovation costing $100,000 might increase your home’s value by about $66,000. If you choose upscale materials and luxury renovations, that increased value drops to $57,000. These are just average figures; your potential increased value will depend on the changes made, the materials chosen, and what homebuyers look for in your area.

Before you decide on a bathroom remodel for your home, consider some added information about which home improvements add the most value, how to remodel a bathroom on a budget, and if adding a new bathroom is worth the cost. Discuss this information and your needs for an updated or new bathroom with a bathroom renovation contractor near you, to ensure you’re happy with your space for many years to come!

How Much Value Does a Remodeled Bathroom Add to Your Home?

If you’re concerned about adding the most home value with a bathroom renovation, consider some suggestions for what to include. It’s often suggested that you start with functional changes that make a bathroom more usable for everyone and then move on to aesthetic changes; for example:

  •  A bathroom renovation should start with needed plumbing fixes and upgrades. No matter how pretty a bathroom looks, old and leaky pipes and fittings reduce your home’s value overall.
  • Along with plumbing, note needed electrical upgrades and fixes. New wiring reduces the risk of shorts and brownouts, while added outlets make the bathroom easier to use for everyone.
  • Added storage is almost always appreciated in a bathroom renovation plan! Not only should you consider how to add more storage, but ensure that storage is accessible and easy to use. For instance, you might add cubby holes around the bathroom mirror for storing small items, and recessed shelves that don’t get in the way of foot traffic.
  • New lighting makes a bathroom look welcoming and even cleaner overall. If the current lighting is a bit dim or doesn’t reach all corners in the room, consider adding more fixtures such as a new light over the mirror, an additional light over the shower, and even one over the toilet.
  •  In shared bathrooms such as those in a master suite, separate sinks are a must. Homeowners might also appreciate separate storage spaces in shared bathrooms; consider separate cabinets in the vanity under the sink, for instance, rather than one large cabinet.
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How Do You Add Function to Your Remodel?

  • Added space is also vital in shared bathrooms, so people aren’t bumping into each other while using the space. If you have some extra square footage in an adjoining room, you might even push back a wall to create a vanity area or widen the sink, for added convenience.
  •  Many homeowners today are very eco-conscious and looking to save money on utilities however they can; low-flow fixtures, a tankless water heater, and other such changes can save on power and water, and mean increased property values.
  • Added function also means durable surfaces that are easy to clean. Don’t skimp on floor tiles, countertops, shower tiles, and other materials; even if you choose something that looks nice, low-quality surfaces that hold dirt and grime won’t add much value to your bathroom renovation project.
  • A bit of added comfort in the bathroom can also increase its value. Consider a built-in shower seat, heated floors for homes in especially cold areas, and even a skylight over a soaking tub.

Bathroom Remodel Mistakes to Avoid to Increase Home Value

A homeowner should never make the mistake of thinking that all bathroom renovations will add value to their home, or that they’ll see a healthy return on their investment no matter the materials used or changes made.

  • Note that potential buyers won’t always appreciate high-end materials, so they won’t be willing to pay top dollar for marble counters, stone floors, and the like. Don’t assume that investing in those materials will mean a higher increase in property values!
  • Along with high-end materials, not all homebuyers appreciate high-tech luxuries in the bathroom either. Use caution about wiring the space for built-in speakers or television over the bathtub.
  • Overly personal details and trendy colors and finishes might also detract from your space and look dated before too long. Stick to neutral colors and popular stone and tile materials to avoid decreasing your expected return on investment.
  • Ensure the bathroom fits the rest of the home’s overall style. An ultra-modern bath with lots of glass and metal might seem out of place in a traditional home, for example.
  • It can also be a mistake to sacrifice space in another room for an overly large bathroom. While it’s vital you have enough room in the bath for two people and lots of storage, you also don’t want a cramped and crowded bedroom or not enough bedroom closet space either!
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Is Adding a Bathroom Worth It?

As a homeowner, you might need to decide between updating an existing bathroom or adding a new bath to the home, or might be wondering if adding a bathroom is worth the cost in the first place. On average, a new bathroom might cost around $40,000 and see a 60% return on investment, or a property value increase of $24,000.

No matter the cost of a new bathroom, there are many reasons to consider adding even a half bath or lavatory to your home. One vital consideration is if there are bathrooms on every level of the home; if you finished the basement, for instance, but didn’t add a bathroom in that space, consider installing a lavatory. This ensures no one needs to run upstairs every time they need to use the lavatory, creating added convenience and comfort in that finished basement.

A full bathroom addition might also allow you to move an elderly parent or other relative into the home, without them having to use the family or master bathroom. A new full bathroom with a shower on the home’s ground floor might also allow you to stay in the home as you age, without having to risk stairs every time you need to shower or use the tub.

Can You Remodel a Bathroom for $5000?

It is possible to remodel a small bathroom for $5000 but you’ll need to plan carefully and shop wisely! To remodel a bathroom on a tight budget, check out some quick yet simple tips:

  • Don’t change the footprint of the space. Moving fixtures even just a few inches might require relocating or adding new plumbing, which means expenses for those materials as well as having to pull up the subfloor and tear out walls.
  • If the floor tile is in good condition, you might be able to apply new tile over it, saving yet another tear-out! Peel-and-stick tile is also easy to apply and doesn’t require added grout and tools.
  • Opt for a sink and vanity combination with an installed top. This will save you the cost of a new countertop and from having to install it as well.
  • Adequate lighting is vital for safety in the bathroom so don’t skimp on a new fixture. Look for track lighting you can install overhead and which allows you to aim the lamps in different directions, to add lighting in various corners of the bath.
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Cost Cutting Tips to Stay on Budget

  • A tub and shower enclosure is often far cheaper than a separate bathtub and shower tiles. These might also be fitted right over the existing tub and shower surround, saving on the cost of a tear-out.
  • If new cabinets are out of your budget but your space desperately needs added storage, cut into the drywall and finish the space between wall studs. This allows for attractive recessed shelving you can use for linens, baskets of personal care items, and the like.
  • One last tip for homeowners; be sure you check for reclaimed or remnant materials at local salvage stores. Remnant stone, reclaimed cabinets, overstock tiles, and other such items can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars on your bathroom renovation!

What Adds More Value, a Bedroom or Bathroom?

Generally speaking, a bathroom renovation or addition might see twice the return on investment as a new bedroom. This isn’t always the case, however; for example, if your home has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, a third bedroom might add more value than a bathroom renovation.

It’s also vital to consider typical homebuyers in your area when deciding between a new bedroom or bathroom renovation. If you live in an area with lots of family homes, a third bedroom is often a must-have for potential buyers who appreciate separate rooms for their children more so than updated bathroom features.

On the other hand, if you have a two-bedroom, one-and-a-half bath condominium in a city that’s home to lots of single professionals, potential homebuyers might not need that third bedroom. An updated bathroom or kitchen renovation might then be a better option for your home.

Which Improvements Add the Most Value to a Home?

If your home needs lots of work but you want to start with whatever improvements add the most value to a home, turn to the kitchen! One reason an updated kitchen renovation is so valuable is that the kitchen is probably used by everyone in the family, every day. An outdated, crowded kitchen can seem very unwelcoming, while drab finishes are unhygienic and even downright unsafe for use.

Generally speaking, a bathroom remodel increases home values almost as much as a kitchen renovation. As with the kitchen, a bathroom sees lots of foot traffic every day and must be functional as well as welcoming. A small bathroom, especially one used by two people, lacking storage and space can mean a frustrating daily routine for everyone, while outdated surfaces are often harder to clean than many of today’s modern floor tiles and countertop materials.

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Home Improvements to RE-INVENT Your Living Space

After a kitchen and bathroom renovation, the best improvement to add value to a home is reinventing an outdated space! As an example, homeowners today often prefer a kitchen that opens up to the dining or family room; if your home still has small, separate spaces, consider removing a wall and creating a more open feeling. If your master bathroom’s door is in the hallway, as another example, relocate it as needed to create a functional yet welcoming master suite.

Along with reinventing rooms, another improvement that adds value to your home is finishing all usable spaces. This includes the basement, attic, laundry room, mudroom, and other such rooms. Adding drywall, tile floors, ceiling tiles, and other finishing touches creates an upscale look and ensures every square foot of the home is usable and welcoming.

One last improvement that adds value to a home is an outside deck or patio space! An unfinished backyard is just wasted space, and homeowners often appreciate having an outdoor area for entertaining or enjoying their weekend coffee. If your home is finished on the inside but lacks living space outdoors, consider a new deck, patio, or even an outdoor kitchen to increase your property values.

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What Should You Update Before Selling a House?

An updated, attractive home is more likely to draw in potential homebuyers and sell for top dollar than an outdated home in need of updates. If you’re thinking of putting your home on the market, your first step is to ensure it is structurally sound; schedule roof repairs, replace worn floorboards, ensure the plumbing and electrical are up to code, and so on.

After needed repairs and fixes, concentrate on how to update the kitchen and bathroom as these add the most value to a home, as said. If you cannot afford a renovation or don’t want to invest in remodeling a home you’re selling, make affordable changes; replace old kitchen appliances with something new yet basic, install peel-and-stick tile over the current flooring, and ask a stonecutter about remnants you can use for new countertops.

Professional, deep cleaning also go a long way toward restoring the appearance of various surfaces and materials around your property. Have the rugs cleaned and schedule power washing for the home’s exterior. Paint is also an excellent way of updating the space; choose light, neutral colors and cover dark and dingy walls, a worn exterior deck, worn fencing, and other such areas. Your home will then look like new!

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