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Professional bathtub refinishing in Boise is a delicate process. Many homeowners are tired of seeing an old, outdated tub in their bathrooms but don't know where to turn to get the upgrades that they need. 

Our company can enhance your current tub to a more modern and functional state without ever replacing it! We have the tools and materials to completely refinish your existing tub and make it look new again. We're a company that is grounded in common sense, experience, and total customer satisfaction. 

Our goal is to give you the tub of your dreams for half the cost of installing something brand new. You're going to love what you see, or you won't pay a dime until you do! Ask our staff about our deals, discounts, and financing options. We've got a budget-friendly program for everyone. Call us today!
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Boise Bathtub Refinishing is a Wonderful Investment!

There are numerous reasons why bath refinishing in Boise versus replacing is a great idea. Check out why it makes sense:

* Saves Time & Money - Replacing your tub can take a few days to complete and thousands of dollars, whereas refinishing your current tub is typically done in one day and costs far less.
* Keep Your Original Tub - If you own an older home and have an antique tub that you'd like to keep, our refinishing process can help you do that!
* Eco-Friendly - Did you know that there are thousands of tubs dumped into landfills each year? The refinishing process prevents that from occurring.
* Stops Health Hazards - Older bathtubs have been known to be covered in lead-based glazes and finishes. We can correct this problem by refinishing the tub's surface, stopping lead from leaking through the porcelain.
* Enhances Beauty - Bathtub refinishing makes your bathroom look incredible!

As you can see, bathtub refinishing is a cost-effective and quick process that keeps your original tub in tip-top shape. Are you ready to learn more? Please visit our blog today.
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Now is the PERFECT Time for Boise Bathtub Refinishing!

Did you know that it only takes us about two hours to reglaze your bathtub? That's really a small price to pay for years of tub enjoyment and safety. However, when a tub is not functioning correctly, broken, or chipped, it's important to get refinishing services as quickly as possible. 

Like any fixture, the longer necessary repairs are left neglected, the worse the tub's condition is going to be. Before you know it, your bathtub will be completely unusable and beyond repair resulting in a costly replacement. 

The good news is our company can help you avoid all of this! We'll remove the old caulking, repair any cracks and chips, apply an etching solution, and lastly, apply three thick coats of high-gloss epoxy. Are you ready to schedule your FREE consultation and estimate for your bathroom remodeling project with us?
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The BEST Boise Bathtub Refinishing Contractors You'll Ever Meet

Here at NorthStar Kitchen & Bath Remodels, we take great pride in giving our customers exactly what they want. Our commitment to you is 100% satisfaction. We have a pristine bathtub refinishing protocol that leaves your tub looking beautiful, chip-free, and fully functional. 

You can count on our fully licensed and insured contractors to take your old, dreary tub from zero to hero in just a few hours! During your FREE consultation, we'll take a look at your current tub and give you recommendations on the following steps to get it looking great again. 

From there, we'll go over your financing options should you need them. So let's get started on making your bathtub great again! Call us now.
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"They did bathroom repairs at my house -great service, super fast turn around, awesome. Overall great experience will definitely recommend them for any work"
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