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New bathroom countertops are an excellent way to add a stylish finish to the space while also providing a hygienic surface that repels water and is easy to clean! Updated granite countertops, as well as today’s selections of quartz, glass, and other materials, create an elegant look in the bathroom that you’re sure to love. 

New bathroom countertops complement updated cabinetry and flooring, for a coordinated, designer look in the space for far less expense than you might imagine! If you’re looking for an easy way to add both style and function to your home’s bathroom, consider new granite bathroom countertops in Boise!
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Why Choose New Bathroom Countertops in Boise

Old and worn bathroom countertops often traps and lock dirt and other debris, creating an unhygienic and unsightly surface in the bath. Outdated countertops also make an entire bathroom space look dingy and dull and downright dated! Chipped and cracked countertops allow moisture to seep behind those surfaces, increasing the risk of mold growth in the home as well as damage to the framework of a bathroom vanity. 

Our local Boise bathroom countertops provide an updated, stylish look that coordinates with other surfaces while also protecting the home from moisture damage and resultant mold. Your new countertops will create a stunning look that you’re sure to love for years to come.
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Don’t Put Off Getting New Bathroom Countertops in Boise

If you’ve been putting getting a bath remodel in Boise or have been tolerating old and worn counters in your home’s bathroom, now is the time for an update! North Star Kitchen and Bath Remodels offers a wide range of options for new bathroom countertops for Boise homes, all at prices you’re sure to afford. Granite countertops in a bathroom offer a solid and durable surface that’s easy to clean, while quartz countertops are very eco-friendly and elegant. 

Glass and other materials are also environmentally friendly and provide a durable surface that you need in your home’s bathroom space. 

North Star Kitchen and Bath Remodels offers affordable countertops in Boise, as well as, options and convenient appointments for installation, so stop putting off getting new bathroom countertops and call us today!
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Why Choose North Star Kitchen and Bath Remodels

With so many bathroom remodel companies in the Boise area from which to choose, why call North Star Kitchen and Bath Remodels for the bathroom countertop installation you need to have done? North Star Kitchen and Bath Remodels offers well over a decade of experience in bath remodels in Boise, specializing in affordable materials and surfaces that offer a high-end look you’ll love. The team at North Star Kitchen and Bath Remodels also pride themselves on their fine attention to detail and friendly customer service, with personalized attention given to every project. 

Whatever your needs for a kitchen or bath remodel in Boise, give our expert remodelers and designers a call! We'll take the time to walk you through our process, making sure you understand everything up-front! 
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"They did bathroom repairs at my house -great service, super fast turn around, awesome. Overall great experience will definitely recommend them for any work"
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