Top 5 FREE and Cheap Things to Do in Nampa Idaho

January 5, 2021

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Looking for things to do in Nampa Idaho? The area offers residents and visitors lots to see and do, both indoors and out, including many free or downright cheap attractions for you and the family. If you’re looking for a great way to spend a Saturday or get the kids out of the house without breaking your budget, check out these top 5 FREE and cheap things to do in Nampa, Idaho, and get to explore this great area!

1. Things to Do in Nampa Idaho Includes The Children’s Museum of Idaho

The Children’s Museum of Idaho is an excellent spot for kids of all ages, allowing hands-on learning as well as virtual tours for added safety and social distancing. At this museum, kids might ride scaled-down versions of farm equipment in a small farm area on the grounds or learn about veterinary medicine with a myriad of stuffed animals indoors!

There are also model train sets, Native American artifacts, telescopes, a scaled-down play kitchen for them to explore, and much more. The museum typically charges admission for adults but lets the kids enjoy their time for free.

2. The Nampa Dog Park

Things to Do in Nampa Idaho

The Nampa Dog Park is an excellent spot to take your four-legged friends, as the park is designed to keep your dog active while providing lots of brush and other separators, so conflict with other animals is kept to a minimum. If you need to keep yourself and your furry friend active but are worried about running into other dogs, be sure to check out Nampa Dog Park.

3. Jabbers

When it’s time to head indoors, but the kids still have some energy to work off, head over to Jabbers! This indoor play place offers lots of playground areas for kids of all ages, including obstacle courses they can climb for hours, toy cars they can drive themselves, and much more. There is an admission price for each child, but rates are typically quite reasonable, usually around $8 or $9, and include an all-day visit; you can also purchase a monthly membership and enjoy playing inside for around $1 per day per child!

4. Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge

When the weather permits it, head on over to Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge! This park offers several miles of trails for walking, biking, and jogging and is dotted with a variety of wildlife and birds. If you love nature photography, bird watching, or just leisurely walks in the woods, Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge is an excellent spot for you and everyone in the family.

5. Bear Creek Park

fun Things to Do in Nampa Idaho

If you love the great outdoors but prefer more structured sports, check out Bear Creek Park. In addition to many acres of rugged terrain, perfect for a hike or jog, Bear Creek Park also provides lots of playgrounds and sports courts for basketball, field hockey, and disc golf. There are also pavilions for picnics, so be sure to pack a lunch and make a day of it at Bear Creek Park.

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